Don’t forget next week is Swimming week. To make it easier for the students can you please send them to school wearing sandals/ thongs and dress them in their bathers with either a dressing gown, or casual clothes over the top. This way they are all ready to go down to the pool.

When they get out of the pool they can quickly dry themselves off and place the dressing gown/ casual clothes back on over the top of their bathers. Students ARE NOT allowed to change out of their bathers at the swimming centre. When we return to school students will be able to change into dry clothes.

Can students please bring an extra small bag to school for their towel and goggles. In their school bag can you please pack their change of clothes which they can put on when we return to school.

Please ensure your child’s name is on every item of clothing, goggles, towel, etc.

Due to the time we will be leaving and returning from swimming, we will eat lunch before we leave and eat recess when we return.

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